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Reduce your phone costs

with the help of the internet

Have you thought of what you could spend your money on, which you pay for fix monthly fees, high prices per minute and telekom tax? We have already thought of it and many of our customers too,
who chose us to reduce the costs of their phone calls. Perhaps you did not come accross our website by chance either because other people find the money they spend on daily calls too much, like you. Try it today without any engagement!

Favourable prices of calls to several countries of the world

Prices of calls

What advantages do IP phones have?

  • The prices per minute of an IP phone are very favouable.
  • You can have your Ephone line in a few minutes
  • We provide you with a phone number just for 99 Ft per month
  • There is no loyalty, you do not have to talk as much as your balance is
  • There is no peak time, the costs are the same in all periods
  • There is no connection fee
  • You can talk for free within the network