Consumer information

Please note that we have a new GCC which is valid from 1st June 2015. Please read through the GCC before signing the contract.

Current complete GCC

Information about handling complaints

Handling customer notices, complaints

The User or the Customer can claim the service, sign, modify and terminate a contract, complete a payment, claim suspension, get and ask for information about the service, report an error, make a complaint in relation to their contract in connection with the service on the customer service.

If the Customer wants to report an error on the customer service, the Provider will act according to the 15th point ot the GCC.

The Provider records the Customers' notices, complaints and the steps which were taken about these notices, complaints so that they can be traced back and preserves them for 1 year keeping the data management rules.

The Provider possibly immediately looks into the Customer's notice, complaint in case of an oral complaint which can be arranged at once and it informs the Customer about the result orally or in writing as the Customer requires. In case of a non-oral or an oral notice which needs a longer administration the Provider looks into it within maximum 30 days from the notice and informs the Customer in writing within 15 days after completing the examination. If 30 days are not enough to look into the notice, complaint (e.g. because of a third party), the Provider has to inform the Customer in writing about the expected time of the arrangement of the case before the overall arrangement time expires.

If on-the-spot inspection is needed to look into or solve the complaint, the Customer has to ensure the entering and access for the Provider on a prearranged appointment. If it fails due to the Customer's fault, the Provider informs the Customer with an appeal to make a new appointment and the deadline of the arrengement of the case becomes longer with the period until the new appointment, furthermore the Customer has to pay the travel allowance.

In case of the rejection of the complaint the customer service has to write down the rejection with the reason and give one copy to the customer or send it within 15 days.

Fee complaint

If the customer disputes the sum of the charged fee, the Provider records the notice (fee complaint) immediately and looks into it within not more than 30 days. In case of neglecting this deadline the Provider cannot cancel the Customer's contract until the end of the examination of the notice.The Customer can make the fee complaint until the payment of the cited bill is due. The Provider does not have to accept the bill complaint arriving after this time.

The Customer's bill complaint does not postpone the payment deadline of the bill.

If the Provider approves the Customer's notice, the Provider credits the fee difference and the interests of it from the day the fee was paid to the Customer's bill or the Provider pays back the fee difference and the interests of it in a lump sum - according to the Customer's choice - at the accounts the following month in case of monthly payment or else within 30 days from the assessment of the notice. If the fee difference is credited or paid back, the rate of interest due to the Customer equals to the rate of interest due to the Provider in case of the delay of the Customer's payment.

If the Customer disputes the sum of the fee required by the Provider, the Provider has to prove that its network is protected from illegel access, its billing system is locked, the billig and the assessment of the fee was correct.

It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure the protection of the password which is an essential part of the system. The Provider cannot be responsible for the damages originating from the use of the Customer's password.

The Provider does not have to look into or correct the differences which are less than 100 Ft.

The quality figures of the service

The attachment No. 5 of the GCC contains the detailed description of the quality figures.
  • New access provision time: 30 days.
  • Troubleshooting time of the quality complaint: 72 hours
  • Examination and arrangement time of bill complaint: 30 days
  • Availability of the service: 98%
  • The rate of unsuccessful calls: 2.7%
  • Time of setting-up calls: 12 sec
  • Response time of the operator, error recorder: 120 sec

Address, phone number of supervisory authorities

Central supervisory authorities

In case of a dispute in connection with the building, rebuilding of the network, with the technical quality of subscriber services, with the operation of error-report service the Parties have the right to turn to the office of the National Telecommunication Authority (NHH) or the Representative of the Telecommunication Consumer Rights.

National Media and Telecommunication Authority

Address: 1015 Budapest, Ostrom u. 23-25.
Telephone: +36-1-457-7100

In case of a dispute in connection with the operation of the customer service (complaint administration, fee complaint, forfeit, compensation, etc.):

National Consumer Protection Authority

Address: 1088 Budapest, József krt. 6.
Telephone: +36-1-459-4999

In case of the unlawful conduct of the Provider which breaks the LVII. Law of 1996 about the prohibition of unfair market behaviour and restriction on competition:

Office of Economic Competition

Address: 1054 Budapest, Alkotmány u. 5.
Telephone: +36-1-472-8900

Competent court of the first instance:
The parties specify the exclusive jurisdiction of the City Court of Szeged (Szegedi Városi Bíróság) in the possible legal disputes originating from the subscriber's legal relations:

City Court of Szeged

Address: 6720 Szeged, Széchenyi tér 4.
Telephone: +36-62-425-432

Area supervisory authorities
The customer has the right to turn to the territorially competent supervisory authorities in agreement with the place of the service.
Contact to the county offices of the Territorially competent National Consumer Protection Authority: Area supervisory authorities

Contact to the customer service

You can call our customer service on the phone number +36 1 550 777.
You can find our other contacts on our website under "Contact us".