Adjustment of mobile application

Zoiper VoIP software for Android system

The mobile which runs the Zoiper VoIP software Android operation system can be installed on smart phones. It is a top quality SIP compatible software, which incorporates into the Android system therefore you can easily choose after dialling whether you telephone puts up the dialled call in mobile direction or SIP direction. The software uses the contacts of the telephone this way you can make a call from the touchpad in a flash. It is very easy to configure the programme. Beside several comfortable functions you can find out what is the price per minute of the called number and check your current balance at the moment of starting the call. Further technical parameters are on Google Play.

Adjustment of Zoiper to Ephone network

Step No.1

Download the Zoiper VoIP client from the Google Play website or install the application directly to your telephone through Google Play!

Step No.2

After installing and opening the programme, visit our electronic customer service. To log in enter your user ID and your password which you set at the registration. If you do not have the proper data to log in, please contact our Customer service. After loging in you can set your software with the help of the QR code in the Mobile client option.

Step No.3

Take a photo of the code on our electronic customer service with the help of the QR code reader on the main screen of the Zoiper programme.

Step No.4

After the photo you just have to write in the password for the SIP line and the line of Ephone is ready to be used.